Oil analysis is the most effective way of detecting existing and pending problems to optimise your machinery’s performance. Armed with our analysis, you can take control and implement an effective prevention and maintenance plan, tailored to suit your operations.

Detect early warning signs

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology, certified to carry out analyses to the appropriate ASTM or DIN standard. Our tools look for ‘tell-tale’ early warning levels for a number of contaminants that can degrade oil, lubricants and hydraulic fluid and begin to cause problems such as engine wear and tear or substandard operation. We analyse viscosity and detect wear debris, water leaks and condensation, fuel dilution, soot particles, acidic combustion products, Total Based Number (TBN), metals and air-borne dust.

Track your analysis history

All our instruments are integrated to a central Laboratory Information Management System. We use a unique number and barcode for each sample. This allows us to track your oil samples in our laboratory and ensure the accuracy and availability of your data, analysis history and trend results at all times.

Scope of analysis

Our Oil Laboratories – PNG currently analyse new and used oils plus some analysis on diesel fuel focusing on fluid cleanliness (see the table below). We aim to meet our clients’ specific requirements and plan to adapt our tests to suit industry needs in the future.

Used Engine OilEngine CoolantsGear Oils, Transmission Oils and Hydraulic OilsCompressorsTurbinesDiesel FuelsResidual Fuels (HFO)
Viscosity at 100℃RCP (OAT based coolant)Viscosity at 40℃Viscosity at 40℃Viscosity at 40℃Viscosity at 40℃Viscosity at 50℃
WaterpHWaterWaterViscosity at 100℃Water (by KF)Water
Wear MetalsReserve AlkalinityWear metalWear metalViscosity IndexMetalsMetals
Ferrous CountGlycolFerrous CountFerrous CountWater by KFFerrous CountFerrous Count
ContaminantsAppearanceContaminantsContaminantsFerrous CountContaminantsContaminants
Oil AdditivesOdourOil AdditivesOil AdditivesWear MetalsOil AdditivesOil Additives
TBNISO Particle countISO Particle countContaminantsAppearanceAppearance
SootOxidationTANISO Particle CountISO Particle CountSediment
SulphationAppearanceOxidationColourASTM ColourFlash Point
NitrationAppearance AppearanceDensity @15℃ Density @15℃
AppearanceTAN (by FTIR)
Flash Point if Viscosity is low to check fuel dilutionRULER (by FTIR)
Flash Point(CC)
RPVOT(by arrangement)
100mls100mls100mls100mls1 litre1 Litre1 Litre

Enhance your machinery's performance and deliver efficiency and cost savings