Maintaining a reliable process is key to increased production and profitability. If a machine breaks down, the process line will be interrupted leading to downtime and less production. When this happens, you have to plan for maintenance. Regardless of how long it takes, it is a set back to the business growth. With oil analysis these issues can be resolved with unplanned maintenance turned into scheduled maintenance allowing unplanned maintenance to be greatly reduced or eliminated.

Oil Laboratories PNG can offer the support you need in your industry. The range of tests and fast turnaround of sample reports will help maintenance team foresee potential issues and improve the reliability of the process line.

At Oil Laboratories PNG we can offer the following test suites for your industry.

  Engines Transmissions Differentials Final Drives Hydraulics Air Compressors Industrial Gear Oils
Viscosity at 40 °C   X X X X X X
Viscosity at 100 °C X           X
Water by Crackle Test X X X X X X X
Water by FTIR X X X X X X X
Wear Metals X X X X X X X
Ferrous Count X X X X X X X
Contaminants X X X X X X X
ISO Particle Count   X X X X   X
Oil Additives X X X X X X X
TAN   X X X   X X
TBN X            
Soot X            
Nitration X            
Oxidation X X X X X X X
Sulphation X            
Appearance     X X X X X

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