It is critical for a manufacturing plant to maintain the uptime of its equipment. In almost all cases the process follows an assembly line. So, a machine breaking down is an undesired scenario as this leads to production loss.

Implementing an effective oil analysis program will allow you to control unplanned downtime, enhance equipment life, maximise performance and subsequently increase production and profit. Oil Laboratories PNG, with its fast turnaround of sample reports can help your industry achieve these goals.

At Oil Laboratories PNG we can offer the following test suites for your industry.

  Engines Hydraulics Air Compressors Industrial Gear Oils
Viscosity at 40 °C   X X X
Viscosity at 100 °C X      
Water by Crackle Test X X X X
Water by FTIR X X X X
Wear Metals X X X X
Ferrous Count X X X X
Contaminants X X X X
ISO Particle Count   X X X
Oil Additives X X X X
TAN     X  
TBN X      
Soot X      
Nitration X      
Oxidation X X X X
Sulphation X      
Appearance   X X X

Enhance your machinery's performance and deliver efficiency and cost savings