When it comes to moving goods and services on ground, we all rely on the services from the transport industry. Keeping the vehicles up and running is key to progressive business. Reliability is critical in maintaining a smooth flow of business.

Managing a fleet is very challenging. New engine designs, regulations to meet, daily operating and service practices are some factors to deal with in order to maximise profit. Oil analysis will give you an insight of the health of the equipment. Thus, enabling you to efficiently maintain a reliable fleet run.

At Oil Laboratories PNG we can offer the following test suites for your industry.

  Engines Transmissions Differentials Final Drives Hydraulics
Viscosity at 40 °C   X X X X
Viscosity at 100 °C X        
Water by Crackle Test X X X X X
Water by FTIR X X X X X
Wear Metals X X X X X
Ferrous Count X X X X X
Contaminants X X X X X
ISO Particle Count   X X X X
Oil Additives X X X X X
TAN   X X X  
TBN X        
Soot X        
Nitration X        
Oxidation X X X X X
Sulphation X        
Appearance     X X X

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