Owning or managing a marine operation is an uphill task when you are faced with today’s harsh economic conditions. Making assets work harder and more reliably is a key part of our daily routines.

The analysis of the lubricating oils in the engines and other machines on your vessel and port operations will allow you to identify problem areas in your fleets and to focus on those areas.

At Oil Laboratories PNG we offer a wide range of tests for the marine industry to assist you maximise your efforts. These analysis are detailed in the following table

  Main Engines Auxiliary Engines Hydraulics Air Compressors Bow Thrusters Stern Tubes
Viscosity at 40 °C     X X X X
Viscosity at 100 °C X X        
Water by Crackle Test X X X X X X
Water by FTIR X X X X X X
Wear Metals X X X X X X
Ferrous Count X X X X X X
Contaminants X X X X X X
ISO Particle Count     X X X  
Oil Additives X X X X X X
TAN       X    
TBN X X        
Soot X X        
Nitration X X        
Oxidation X X X X X  
Sulphation X X        
Appearance     X X X X

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