Effective oil analysis in power generation is essential. Some generators operate constantly in locations where power outage is an issue or where generators is the only means of power source. Hence it is critical to keep these machines operating reliably. Avoiding equipment failure is vital. There is no room for excessive costs in power generation. Oil analysis can help to reduce these excessive costs.

With a 48-hour turnaround of sample reports, Oil Laboratories PNG can help its clients by providing prompt reports on the condition of the oils in their generators and turbines. This means efficiency in carrying out maintenance programs.

At Oil Laboratories PNG we can offer the following test suites for your industry.

  Engines Air Compressors Turbos Chargers
Viscosity at 40 °C   X X
Viscosity at 100 °C X    
Water by Crackle Test X X X
Water by FTIR X X X
Wear Metals X X X
Ferrous Count X X X
Contaminants X X X
ISO Particle Count   X X
Oil Additives X X X
TBN X    
Soot X    
Nitration X    
Oxidation X X X
Sulphation X    
Appearance   X X

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