Worker with eye dropper testing oil

Enhance machinery performance with an oil analysis on new and used oils

Clean oil can extend the operational life of your machinery, enhance its performance and productivity, and decrease costly downtime and repairs.

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Oil Laboratories – PNG provides a regular service with reliable results for lubricant analysis on new and used oils, and diesel fuel fluid cleanliness.


Results you can trust – from the latest laboratory technology

An oil analysis report will give you the information you need to operate at optimum levels. At Oil Laboratories – PNG, your results are reviewed with component limits and compared with asset history to identify any trends early on. We re-test all issues and questionable results before alerting you to any concerns. We use the latest technology in analytical equipment that complies to all recommended standards, combined with expert diagnostic support.

Training and expertise

Our experts can train your engineers and maintenance teams to carry out sampling tests on site. We can also customise an analysis program to meet unique monitoring requirements.

Enhance your machinery’s performance and deliver efficiency and cost savings