Analysing your oils and diesel fuel cleanliness can enhance your machinery’s performance and deliver efficiency and cost savings.

Think of your oil sample analysis as a blood test – capable of determining the wellbeing and operational status of your equipment and machinery. Early alerts of any warning signs can help your maintenance team and engineers action a preventative plan to reduce expensive downtime and major machinery repairs.

Analysis arms you with three major early warning indicators:

  1. Condition of the oil: provides recommendations for further use and optimising oil change intervals.
  2. Contamination levels: provides data on the types and extent of contamination so you can implement appropriate remediation
  3. Equipment condition: lets you determine if the machine is wearing, at what rate, and what components need attention.

“Experience shows that every SEK 10 you spend on oil analysis results is a saving of SEK 45 somewhere else in your operations, primarily in the form of fewer breakdowns and longer oil drain intervals.”

Charlotta Brodin, Laboratory Manager at FUCHS Lubricants Nordics

Analysis lets you make informed decisions to improve the quality of production output and control costs, including:

  • Repairs
  • Downtime
  • Lubricants
  • Energy consumption

In-house training for your maintenance team

Technical staff from our laboratory can train your maintenance engineers, or work with you in-house, to carry out an oil diagnosis.


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